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Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation
                                                      Helps to Fill the Gap at Paterson’s School 21
                                                      with “Christopher’s Comic Book Inspirations”

Glen Rock -- Jan 21, 2011
-- On January 11th, the Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation held the first of
five weekly comic book writing workshops -- “Christopher’s Comic Book Inspirations” – at Paterson’s School
21 for a second year in a row.  The Foundation launched this program taught by Alex Simmons, comic book
writer for Archie Comics and founder of Kids Comic Con, last January with the school’s fifth grade class as
part of the school’s art curriculum.  

This year due to state budget cuts, the school no longer has an art curriculum.  To support the children, the
foundation added a fifth workshop and the series will now be part of the main curriculum. In addition to art, the
school also lost its music – vocal and instrumental, library and world language programs.  

The Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation mission is to honor the life of Christopher Barron who died in
2007 at the age of nine from leukemia and to instill his compassion and zest for life by providing children with
unique opportunities to live life and pursue interests about which he was most passionate.  Equally important,
the Foundation seeks to empower children by encouraging them to earn such opportunities through dedication
and hard work.

With Christopher's passion for creating and selling his own comic books in mind, the Foundation developed
“Christopher’s Comic Book Inspirations” to be led by professional comic book writers and illustrators.  

“We are grateful for our kids to have this opportunity again this year as this may be the only creative outlet they
receive all year.  This year’s fifth grade class has been looking forward to learning about comics and working
with Alex since they were in fourth grade,” said Frank Puglise, principal of School 21.

The children will learn all steps to create a four-panel comic strip from creating a character, to developing a
plot and scripting a story, to penciling, lettering & inking their story on comic strip boards donated by Canson
Paper Products.  To inspire the children, they will all receive a copy of the Archie graphic novel “The Cartoon
Life of Chuck Clayton” written by Alex Simmons and donated by Archie Comics. This year, the workshops will
be held in the library so the children can make use of the books and computers to help them with their comic
strip development.  

"We are giving the children exactly what they deserve: the opportunity to have fun, to be imaginative and
creative and develop the kind of planning, problem solving, literacy and communication skills that they'll need
in school, and in their careers," said Simmons.

“Christopher’s own comic strip series The Adventures of Ultimate Man which he developed at the age of eight,
offered him the chance to dream big and create a world where everything is possible.  We are excited to
share Christopher’s love of comics again this year with School 21’s 92 fifth graders,” said Suzanne Andora
Barron, Christopher’s mom and Foundation president.   “It was inspiring to see how the development of plots,
characters and sequencing helped the children to develop stronger organizational skills as well as greater
confidence in themselves, and the realization that they can create something extraordinary out of nothing.   We
are excited to work with this year’s class and are thrilled once again to have Alex teach the workshops and
serve as our Foundation advisor.”  

At the conclusion of the fifth workshop on February 8th, the children will have the chance to participate in a
comic book contest to apply their new skills. The winners of contest will attend the Kids Comic Con in New
York City on April 16th to show their work and meet illustrators and comic book writers in the business.  
Second place winners will receive a “Create Your Own Comic Book Kit” donated by Canson Paper Products.   

On March 3rd, the Foundation will hold a special culminating event for the students and their families to
celebrate the children’s efforts and to meet other comic book professionals who will share insights into their
own love of comics.   Here the children will receive a Certificate of Achievement for their hard work.

Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation is a public 501(C) (3) non-profit organization.  For more information,
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