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For Immediate Release
                                                    Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation
                                 Provides Paterson Students A Learning Experience
                                           Beyond the Normal Classroom Setting

Glen Rock – February 2, 2012 -- On January 10th, the Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation held the first of six
weekly comic book writing workshops -- “Christopher’s Comic Book Inspirations” – at Paterson’s School 21 for a third
year in a row.   Alex Simmons, professional comic book writer for Archie, teaches the workshops to 67 fifth grade

This year, the Foundation tied its lesson plans to the core state standards to support the fifth grade teachers in
reaching their classroom goals and to enhance the students’ learning.  

“We’ve brought the Foundation back because this program offers a real benefit to the children’s learning, creativity and
imagination,” said Frank Puglise, School 21 principal.

Christopher’s Comic Book Inspirations supports the fifth grade curriculum by enhancing student writing through offering
an opportunity to create original characters, brainstorm and develop plots, streamlining and enhancing where
appropriate, partner share ideas and be critical listeners, and use deductive reasoning to create sequencing.  The
program also offers a creative writing platform outside the mainstream classroom that fosters a connection of writing with
a variety of learning styles.

The Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation mission is to honor the life of Christopher Barron who died in 2007 at the
age of nine from leukemia and to instill his compassion and zest for life by providing underserved children with unique
opportunities to live life and pursue interests about which Christopher was most passionate.  Equally important, the
Foundation seeks to empower children by encouraging them to earn such opportunities through dedication and hard

With Christopher's passion for creating and selling his own comic books in mind, the Foundation developed “Christopher’
s Comic Book Inspirations” to be led by professional comic book writers and illustrators.  “It’s exciting to see all that we
have accomplished since our first year.  The program began with my desire to share Christopher’s love of comics with
underserved children. Our program landed in a school that desperately needed it.  Now in our third year, the teachers
are supporting their regular curriculum with our program,” said Christopher’s mom and Foundation president, Suzanne
Andora Barron.   “It is inspiring to see how the development of plots, characters and sequencing helps the children to
develop stronger organizational skills as well as greater confidence in themselves,” Andora Barron added.

“I never tire of seeing my philosophy in action. Stimulating, challenging and validating children’s imagination is a
powerful process,” said comics’ writer and instructor Alex Simmons. “By this simple storytelling experience, children
realize they can conceive of something and work to make it manifest.  This is the very same process they must use to
visualize their goals as they grow up. If they can see their future, perhaps they can make it so.”

One sixth grade student named Lisbette shared her experience from last year, “Drawing comics made me feel like a six
year old again. When I came home from school, I would draw and pretend it came to real life. But the thing that surprised
me was that I never knew I had it in me,”

The children learn all the steps to create a four-panel comic strip from creating a character, to developing a plot and
scripting a story, to penciling, lettering & inking their story on comic strip boards donated by Canson Paper Products.  All
of the children receive a copy of the Archie graphic novel “The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton” written by Alex Simmons
and donated by Archie Comics.  

Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation is a public 501(C) (3) non-profit organization.  For more information, visit www.  

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