About Us - Board/Advisors

Board of Trustees

Suzanne Andora Barron, President

Tracy Reed, Vice President

Linda Buckwalter, Treasurer

Lia Isaac, Secretary

Camile Galin

Susanna Grey

Lisa Baglieri




Regina Rear-Connor, former board member

Liz McMahon, former board member

Angela Crawford, Public Relations

Alex Simmons, Comic Book Professional

Author Alex Simmons discusses the Christopher Barron Foundation mission to instill confidence and a love for learning through comics.


To instill Christopher’s compassion & zest for life by offering underserved
children unique opportunities to live
life and pursue interests of which Christopher was most passionate.

Equally important, the Foundation seeks to empower children by encouraging them to earn such opportunities through dedication and
hard work.

Christopher Barron Live Life
Foundation is a public 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization.