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Meet Christopher

Christopher Barron's Spirit Inspired Great Things

Christopher was only nine when he died from leukemia in 2007 but during
those nine years, he lived life fully. Here are some tales about a little boy with
a big imagination.

Being fair & doing the right thing was important to Christopher. Once, while spotted praying for his beloved Mets during a game, his mom asked him if he was asking God to make the Mets win. He
said “I would never ask God to make one team win and another team lose, because that wouldn’t be fair. Instead
I asked God to help David Wright and Carlos Beltran (who were up to bat next) to believe in themselves so they could hit a home-run.”

“He had a great imagination and loved to create. He and his brother, Ryan, would often make up shows — stories — for their action figures.”

“Christopher was a huge Mets fan”, says his mom, Suzanne.

“To the point of refusing to attend a Yankees game so as to not be a traitor to his team.

He loved to ski, play baseball, swim at the Glen Rock pool and go to Hilton Head. He also loved Spiderman, the Harry Potter books, comics, Pepsi, and his turtle Luke.

I chuckle whenever I see Pepsi because I remember him always saying ‘praise the almighty soda,’ whenever I would let him have one. Despite the fact that Christopher was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 3 and again when he was 8, Christopher lived life.

He really lived life.”

Christopher Barron’s Inspiration Lives on in video,
and in the hearts of his family

Ultimate Man: Christopher's own comic book character:


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