Student Feedback

The kids shared with us their thoughts on what they learned from Christopher’s Comic Book Inspirations. Here is some of what they had to say:

“I enjoyed the presentation and the party at night”

“I liked making my comic strip because I couldn’t wait to see how it came out”

“I learned we can all be comic book authors”

“Making a comic strip is not so easy at first”

“It’s not easy to come up with ideas and put them step by step, but I enjoyed it because I felt like an artist”

“I liked using my imagination to make a cool character”

“I was grateful for the weeks of helping us to draw, pencil, ink and color because it shows how much care is in their heart”

“Before you draw, you have to plan everything out first”

“When I’m bored, I can make a comic book”

“I enjoyed the comic book lessons because it means you want to teach us”

“When doing a comic, you need a plot”

“You don’t have to be an artist to draw, you just have to do it”

“The Christopher Barron program taught me so many wonderful things like how to plan, sketch out a comic, how to draw characters and how to get along with people”

“Even if you don’t draw like a professional, you can still draw”

“There can only be three or four panels per strip”

“It doesn’t matter what you draw. All it matters is that I did it!”

“You don’t need to draw nice. Just keep on doing it and you will get it”

“I learned how to be creative, to draw anything I want, and to be myself”

“You don’t have to draw good to express your feelings”

“I learned how to draw sequential drawings and draw within panels”

“Never forget to do it first in pencil!”

“To Christopher, thanks for teaching me”

“The Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation was an experience I will never forget”